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PhenObestin 37.5 (MIT NUTRA) Owner Georgiy Kharchenko is documenting his 100 pounds weight loss

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    Originally posted by admincp View Post
    Phenobestin - yes, its amazing. Works perfectly.

    I cheated. I was planning to post an update at the end of July and today August 9 and that's the day when all of my visitors out of town have left - FINALLY!!!! Now I can get back to this diet again. The only problem is, I gained all that weight back.... I am at the point where I started, well almost. Right now I weigh 294 pounds.... My lowest point on the diet was 281 and by eating whatever I wanted when I was on travel and people were visiting me during July - beginning of August, I gained 13 pounds back. If I was not on the diet, I would be at 314 pounds.... Anyway, I am going back on this 1000 calories diet and I am going to stick to it no matter what. I will post an update in the week....
    Don't worry about it because everybody struggles sometimes. It's just important that you still have a set goal and that you're more determined as ever. I think it's extremely hard to stay on your diet if you have people visiting or staying over.

    It's pretty incredible so far, reading and seeing how PhenObestin works! Before this thread I wasn't aware of it so thank you again and keep up the good work.


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      Okay, I gotta ask. That food doesn't look bad and I noticed it all has similar packaging. Where do you get it!?


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        HipAlbatross it's BistroMD and it does not look that bad. I got on diabetic menu (I am not diabetic) and its a good verity of food. Unlike other diet food by mail, BistroMD is definitely the best. For example Nutrisystem is piece of sh** .... to be honest. From packaging to food quality. BistroMD is the best. The only problem with BistroMD is that fish is farmed, they are saying it is raised properly in sanitary conditions, but still it is farmed fish, which I hate. I don't want to eat farmed fish period. Also, there no organic menu for some reason. Honestly I'd rather pay more money for the organic menu and wild caught fish.